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Le Labo-Brewing Solutions is proud to be the very first Quebec company dedicated to producing liquid microorganisms such as Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, bacteria and wild yeasts for brewing companies. We develop fresh, tailor-made products and deliver them right to your door fast and worry-free. From now on, we will be taking any Saccharomyces or Brettanomyces order.

We perform various quality control tests throughout our production process. Depending on your requirements, we can produce anywhere from 1 hl to 100 hl. Our productions are made and stored in modern facilities. Get your brewing yeasts within a few days if we have them in stock or allow a 2 to 3 weeks lead time if a production is needed.

Our microorganisms are produced in Eastern Quebec, Canada. We will be very delighted to tour you around our facilities when you pay us a visit. No more customs, exchange rate, or troublesome international transportation issues!

Please note that bacteria will be sold commercially as of Spring of 2018.




Contact our professional team to make sure you order the right number of microorganisms for your brewing needs. Thank you for mentioning the required cell/ml/plato concentration, your wort concentration and volume, or simply the total number of yeast cells that you would like to get.

We offer tailor-made productions to suit your every need. As a guideline, here is a standard product that will allow you to direct pitch a 12-plato wort with 0.75M yeast cells/ml. Therefore, the price per hl might vary depending on your commercial or industrial needs.

Pre-Production Benefits

  • Assistance with production planning
  • Mentoring for determining the right pitch rate
  • Possible supply agreement

9 M cellules / mL*

1 hL = 130 $

5 hL = 272 $

8 hL = 364 $

10 hL = 443 $

15 hL = 561 $

20 hL = 641 $

30 hL = 776 $

40 hL = 990 $

1-100 hL  = quote on request

Post-Production Benefits

  • Technical support to guarantee high-quality brewing
  • Possible training to walk you through reusing your ferments

*M yeast cells /ml for your pitched wort

Our Yeast Strain Collection

We offer a wide range of microorganisms coming from different sources. Contact our team to find out if we have the yeast strain you would be interested in. We will be pleased to let you know if we have a corresponding yeast. Otherwise, we will eagerly add it up to our collection but expect some delay.

Private Banking

You already have a house strain or a mix of ferments from a really interesting barrel? We can assist you in performing its microbiological and genetic characterization prior to banking the purified private or public yeast strains. Upon a supply agreement, le Labo will be able to store your house strains for free. Whether they are taken from our private or public collection, our microorganisms are stored in at least 2 distinct cities.

Characterization and Wild Yeasts

You wish to know more about some of the microorganisms that you already have on hand? Be it for a homemade or wild yeast strain or a mix of microorganisms taken from a barrel or coolship, we will run microbiological and genetic characterization for you.

In addition, we offer yeast strain isolation programs either in nature or at your facilities. We can also run brewing tests for using wild yeasts in your brews.

Additional Services

Our team specializes in various brewing-related fields. We offer fast service and seek results based on our customers’ industrial needs.

We can train your team in brewing-related microbiology and quality control. We can also assess quality control or dissolved oxygen program efficiency just to name a few.


call us at (581) 983-9870

To talk to one of our experts for a quote, any technical information or support, or if you wish to place an order

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