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A Questionnaire?

(Pour la version française du questionnaire, suivre le lien suivant.)

Through this blog post, we are launching a questionnaire on the habits of amateur brewers in Canada, focusing on their use of microorganisms (Yeasts and Bacteria).

Naturally, the main goal here is to help us implement our offer in line with the needs of Canadian brewers.

Meanwhile, your contribution will serve a twofold objective:

  • With the results in hand, we will gradually feed our blog and Facebook page: link
  • (CLOSED) Moreover – this should interest many brewers – 50 respondents will be selected for our BÊTA-Labo Program. The chosen brewers will have the opportunity to participate to the prelaunch of our products and obtain some of our microorganisms several months before their official release. You will be able to test & assess our products, thereby helping us validate the efficiency of our supply chain!

In fact, ensuring an uncompromised quality is a core value at Le Labo – Solutions Brassicoles. This is why we are committed to set up our BÊTA-Labo Program, engaging brewers most interested in the introduction of our products.

So, here’s our survey. Thank you for believing in our project and… cheers!

The questionnaire is comprised of approximately 20 questions (mostly multiple choice). You should be done in less than 5 minutes.

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